Tuesday, January 24, 2012


A few years ago I read The Pragmatic Programmer.  The Pragmatic Programmer may not be the GoF book, but it's almost as valuable.

Andy Hunt and Dave Thomas recommend learning a new language every year. I started with Groovy.

Being a Java developer I thought Groovy would give me the most bang-for-the-buck. After all Groovy is part of the Java spec so there is no excuse not to learn it.

I think Groovy delivered. I used to think that Groovy was worth learning for XML parsing/writing alone. XMLSlurper and MarkupBuilder are by far the best things I've used for dealing with XML.

Gradle changed my mind. Gradle is a fantastic build tool. Maven solves some problems, but it is a whole set of problems itself. Gradle can run Ant tasks so you keep Ant's functionality. 

As for the one language per year thing I picked up Python next and got a Django app into production. I'm on Ruby now, but I'm behind schedule. I'll get to Scala soon...

No bundle plugin resource available to handle deployment for bundle type

The first time I tried deploying a bundle with a fresh server and JBoss Operations Network agent I got the following error :

java.lang.Exception:No bundle plugin resource available to handle deployment for bundle type [BundleType[id=10001,name=Ant Bundle]]. Ensure the bundle plugin is deployed and its resource is imported into inventory.

I restarted the agent and everything was fine.

If I can reproduce this its time to login to Bugzilla.  I thought I'd post here first in case anyone Googles the Exception though.

Happy coding